Saturday, March 26, 2005

Shameless Personal Puff Piece

Why do dogs lick themselves - down there? Because they can, of course. And bloggers are dogs - just ask any card-carrying member of the Mainstream Media. Below are some of the most gratifying citations that The Dread Pundit Bluto has received so far on this voyage (listed chronologically). Thanks to all.

(3-23-05) Bittersweetme Utilitarian Bioethics and Terri Schiavo

(3-14-05) Washington Post Saddam Capture

(3-10-05) Slate Saddam Capture

(2-28-05) Flopping Aces Eason Jordan

(2-18-05) spatula city bbs Citizens Against the Troops

(2-18-05) Riding Sun Iraqi Civilians Kill Insurgents

(2-10-05) Captain's Quarters Eason Jordan

(2-3-05) Slate Propaganda President

(1-26-05) Slate Blog Overkill