Friday, October 21, 2005

Truth Begins to come Out in the "Taliban Body Burning" Incident

Jason Coleman does an excellent job of laying out the problems with Australian reporter Stephen Dupont and his tale of an out-of-control American PsyOps unit deliberately desecrating Taliban bodies. Coleman's analysis points out not only gaping holes in Dupont's story, but a revealing photo of Dupont (from Dupont's website) showing the freelancer seemingly dressed as a Talibani for a Halloween party. Make sure you go to and read the whole thing.

Coleman makes a good case that Dupont contrived the incident as a media event by falsely linking two separate incidents: the legitimate burning of the decaying Taliban bodies for sanitary reasons, and a PsyOps unit taking advantage of this in an effort to provoke Taliban terrorists into an open fight. Photographic evidence only adds to Coleman's interpretation, as The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler points out. Dupont claimed that the bodies were deliberately placed facing west toward Mecca to heighten the insult. But photos of the burning clearly show shadows indicating that the bodies were laid out in a north-south orientation. It appears that Dupont has been caught guilding the lily.